After being captured and sent to an intergalactic zoo, the animals must find the portal that allows them to find their way back home in a total of 150 stages each one requiring players different levels of difficulties.


To this end, each one has specific characteristics that help you overcome the dozens of dangers that arise at every turn along the way. For example, while playing with the funny frog we can jump high platforms, with the playful monkey we stick to walls and climb treacherous cliffs that move during our passage.


When the adventure leads to the ocean waters, we have a deep dive with a nice little fish, who must dribble the dangers of the sea and safely reach the end of the route. Now, with the skilled Penguin we gathered speed and skill, to go down the icy fast tracks dribbling a number of dangers. All this, collecting as many stars and trophies that are scattered throughout the scenarios in the shortest time possible.


Pet it out

It is up to you to lead each of the pets by the paths that will take them back to their world. With a very simple and intuitive gameplay, Pet it out is a game not only for casual players, but also for those seeking a real challenges.


In addition, you can compare your performance with your friends through an overall ranking system that ranks the performance of each player according to the phases and the animal. The game also enables the use of other ranking systems such as the Apple Game Center, and OpenFeint, quite used for Android phones.


The user can also change the pace of the phases, changing the speed at which the obstacles are presented for each step, as well as choose your own selection of music stored on your iPod, iPhone or iPad to serve as the soundtrack for the game. Moreover, if the player wants to face the challenge as a whole, it may have access to all stages available to pets and unlock them through the pay mode.


In an engaging mix of adventure and puzzle, Pet it Out will make you defy the law of gravity in the most mysterious worlds that are in space. So what are you waiting for? Choose your pet and start the fun!

Animation features

Play with 7 characters
Play with seven different characters that make use of particular characteristics to overcome several obstacles. Among other things you can stick to walls, jump over mountains or dive deep into the oceans.

Face new scenarios
In total, the game has 150 stages that explore challenging and extremely entertaining scenarios. Be surprised all the time with traps and pitfalls that must be carefully overcome and left behind.

Overcome all difficulties
Face phases with different levels of difficulty that present greater challenges as you move forward during the game, ranging from simple to extremely difficult modules. You can also change the speed of the tasks, leaving the game even more exciting.

Break new grounds
As you capture the stars and earn trophies that are scattered throughout the scenarios, new pets and different worlds are unlocked to be discovered. With this, the adventures multiply and the fun increases.

Earn points By moving through the worlds, the player must collect as many stars and trophies that are scattered by the scenarios. In total, there are more than 130 achievements possible within the reach of animals.

Listen the soundtrack Pet it out! has exciting soundtracks that stimulate the player at each stage. However, the gamer can also customize the adventure adding songs stored on the iPhone and setting up a playlist to be played during the game.

Play with physics
Defy the laws of physics and test your skill in a very simple and very cunning manner. Take full advantage of the touch screen computing with maximum accuracy factors such as distance and speed to achieve success in each journey.

Enjoy the fun
The game leverages the multiple resources of touch screens the way they should be used: intuitively and creatively. Tutorials are presented in the presentation of each pet, which helps the player even more.

Challenge your friends
Call all the friends and from the ranking of the game see who can add as many points for every pet or world.

Share in the network
Post your performance on Twitter and Facebook and share them with all your friends your performance in Pet it out.

Amazing visual
You will be delighted with the animations and the cheerful visual of the game. The scenarios in three dimensions and the characters created with precision make the player jump in the history and make the game even more addictive and fun.

Expect regular updates that include new stages, pets, and even greater challenges.

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